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My name is Stephen D’Amico. I’m a contemporary spiritual teacher who went through a complete transformation of consciousness that culminated in a permanent realization of my true nature. Since then my life has been devoted to guiding others on the spiritual path in order to accelerate the collective evolution of humanity. Anytime a person awakens anywhere on the planet, the energetic vibration of human consciousness as a whole is raised and the likelihood of a mass awakening is heightened. To learn more about my journey click here.

Free Meditation Manual

Learn the fundamentals that every seasoned meditator develops and continues using over a lifetime of practice. Includes five lessons presented in a simple-to-follow, step-by-step program. It takes about a week or so to master each skill, and if you do all the lessons, you’ll be meditating like a pro before you know it. To download it now click here.

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