Transformational Gathering

Come experience an inspiring evening dedicated to living an awakened life. Each gathering begins with a guided meditation followed by a dialogue.

These evenings are infused with brief but powerful periods of shaktipat, during which the awakening of everyone in attendance is amplified, creating a collective field of enlightened awareness that ripples out into the world.

This is a wonderfully liberating and highly transformative event that will illuminate your soul and support the spiritual awakening of humanity.

Sunday, October 15th
7:30pm to 9:00pm

» These gatherings take place at my restaurant Millwood Melt after closing time.

» Space is limited. To reserve a spot, you must RSVP via Meetup here.

» Event starts at 7:30pm. Doors open at 7:00pm. Please be on time.

Google Map: 902 Millwood Rd

Public Transit: Take any 88 South Leaside bus from St Clair Station. Get off at the corner of Millwood Road and Sutherland Drive. Make a right on Millwood. You'll see Millwood Melt right across the street.

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More about Transformational Gatherings

The heart of these gatherings is what is known in India as Satsang. Satsang is a Sanskrit term that refers to a gathering where teachings are given by an awakened guru, and where people can ask questions and receive reliable guidance.

What makes Satsang so unique and special is that the words of an enlightened teacher transmit awakening energy. Such teachings simultaneously contribute to the expansion of consciousness and the development of wisdom.

Beyond using words to educate and enlighten, true spiritual masters are also able to transmit knowledge silently and telepathically, which is often assimilated by a person’s consciousness even if they are not aware of it in the moment.

How to Prepare for Satsang

If this is your first time, it helps to know what to expect and how to prepare. The following pointers contain the basics:

1. Come with an open heart and a curious mind.

2. Bring any sincere questions but leave any answers or agendas at home.

3. Do your best to tune into and receive the energy from my transmission field.

4. Prior to the event, practice being awareness itself. Try to become like a window.

Follow these pointers and you'll be ready to drop into the deepest dimensions of being and reality with the rest of us.

Feedback from Attendees

"There's nothing I enjoy more than sitting in stillness and feeling that pure light of awareness, which always seems to intensify in Stephen's presence. Thanks again for another evening filled with light!"
–Amy Taylor

"Though I came with a lot of weight on my shoulders, when I headed home I was light as a feather. I strongly recommend taking part in these gatherings for anyone wishing to achieve mental stillness and to receive reliable, compassionate spiritual advice."
–Jesse Gaucher

"Another thoroughly engaging gathering. Stephen is SO the real deal. And his unique ability to break down complex concepts, thereby rendering them accessible, is why I keep on coming back. I feel as if I get a little more in touch with true nature each meeting. We enter into this deeper dimension through engaged discussion and contemplative silence, under the (as always) steady knowing guidance of Stephen."
–Sue Deacon

"A very special gathering. Stephen generated a palpable field of subtle energy that provided an introduction into some deep explorations of a larger reality. Stephen told us about "bringing down the light." This is something that most of us are unfamiliar with, but which nevertheless is a very real component in the esoteric domain."
–John Noel Inglis

"Stephen's presence, clear articulation of esoteric knowledge, knowing, sincerity, humility and lightness of being - all embody Truth. I don't say this from my ego, but more from a felt sense of how my being feels during and after I leave Stephen's presence - a calm sense of peace, clarity, and present-moment awareness. Stephen's talks feel like sacred, sweet heart-soul songs. I am so grateful."
–Noreia Sacoor

"Stephen's work is truly invaluable during these times of much needed change. He's grounded, wise and compassionate, which make him an amazing spiritual teacher. Yet, what sets him apart is that he's also fun-loving, and "current" so he can relate to and understand the issues that cause us suffering today. Thanks Stephen for making spirituality so accessible."
–Suzanne Chapman

"As time goes on, the silence and stillness in these meditations take a hold more quickly and become more all-embracing. They have become an invaluable aid in building trust for the Process. Gratitude as always."
–Ronen Pomeranc

"Monday night’s Satsang was great. I’ve read hundreds of books on spirituality but always learn on a deeper level when spending time with Stephen."
–Domenic Montagano

"Stephen brought down 'beingness' for us during the meditation in about three seconds. Any questions that I might have just disappear by the time that question period starts."
–Warren Olynyk

"Very fluid and organic group that is completely with it. Do not miss a single gathering. You don't know what jewels may be thrown while you are away. The ambiance, the positive intention and pure unpretentious love makes this the place to Be."
–Sunil Vidyarthi

"Really enjoyed the space, format, people and energy - very peaceful and transcendent. Thanks Stephen."
–Carson Foster

"A stimulating group and great mentor! Great group of people. Great space and conversation. Lots of awesome energy and love in the room. Lively spirited discussion on consciousness expansion. Nondual all the way. This group is an oasis of sanity that allows coming together to keep the connection of oneness alive in a very distracted society."
–Mark M.

"Stephen is the least intimidating spiritual teacher that I've had the pleasure to know. He brings a sense of warmth, universal loving-kindness, and humour to the teachings."
–Jess Layton

"As usual it was awesome. I always feel welcome and at home. Stephen always makes sure that the conversations and energy stay grounded and balanced for all those present. Thanks again Stephen."
–Neil Jalaldeen

"Highly reccommend to folks who are starting out and curious, as well as the more experienced."
–Aaron Nussbaum

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to come together with others to search, to share, to feel and to rest in truth. Thank you, Stephen, for your guidance that is always clear and real."
–Natalya Sandros

"An energy like no other. This was my 3rd time attending, and it's always amazing."
–Alicia DaSilva

"I am still feeling the effects of this gathering and it is unspeakable."

"It's an amazing experience. I feel great, much clearer, happier and relaxed."
–Ayuna Ayushinova

"I truly feel that a divine presence is in the room with us as Stephen entices us with his knowledge."

"I really love the vibe of the people who are drawn to this group. The energy is off the charts, really expansive. I feel like there's a ticking bomb of spiritual & human AWESOMENESS in Toronto and it explodes at every gathering. Stories and personal experiences and questions always leave me wanting more. Can't wait for the next gathering! Well done Stephen. You've created an opportunity/space for something very special here! VERY. I can't name it but I feel the light and power of it to reach and help awaken so many. A little local vortex almost."


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