Yantra Toolkit

This special offering features a mystical diagram called a Yantra, which was downloaded into my consciousness before my awakening. The details of this discovery are described in my autobiography, The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness. I encourage you to read it if you haven’t yet. It will help you appreciate the potency of this spiritual technology.

What Is A Yantra?

Yantras (also known as Mandalas) are visual instruments used to still the body and mind during meditation in order to dissolve the ego and restore the union between your soul (or consciousness) and your higher self.

When you merge your soul with your higher self, you connect with the transcendent dimension of God, the formless source and substance of everything in existence. This is the ultimate goal of all meditation practices and the crowning achievement of all spiritual paths.


This is one of the simplest and purest forms of a Yantra. It doesn’t require complex visualization steps like many other Yantras do, but it is still just as effective.

Yantras also amplify the power of intention, increasing synchronicities and manifesting desires, goals and aspirations in life more quickly and easily. And finally, Yantras lift the vibration of any space and continuously draw in divine energies, pushing out any negative influences from the surrounding atmosphere and replacing them with positive ones.

How Do Yantras Work?

Yantras work on the basis of something called shape energy. Certain shapes emit cosmic frequencies that we can tune into by focusing on them. To be more precise, Yantras are subtle forms of higher consciousness, or visible emanations of specific divine vibrations to be exact, which, when focused on, create a resonance with that energy pattern.

Yantras also have a visually entrancing quality that hypnotically absorbs the mind in such a way that distracting thoughts are easily ignored while the spiritual energies that are generated effortlessly awakens the highest state of attainable awareness, unifying the outside world of from with the formless dimension found within.

What You Get

A mystical device like this is usually kept secret by spiritual masters and only given to trusted students. It would never be released to the general public. Or, if it were, the specific formula needed to activate it would be withheld.

I’m offering everything you’ll need to unlock the full power of this meditation device. This includes an instructional video along with a written summary of this spiritual practice to guide you through the process.

As part of this offering, you’ll also receive a Mantra that was revealed to me. Mantras are sacred sounds that purify the body, heart and mind, making them fit instruments for personal transformation and spiritual transcendence.

This mantra unifies what are known as primordial seed syllables or bijas into one potent consciousness expander. In the toolkit, I explain how to vocalize each of these bijas and where to focus their sonic vibrations in your body for maximum transcendental effect.

Also included is a recording of an inner sound you’ll hear at the beginning of the instructional video. It was developed using state-of-the-art brainwave entrainment technology, allowing you to more easily enter a heightened state of awareness by listening to it.

And, last but not least, you’ll get a high-resolution image of the Yantra, which you can print on your desktop printer or at your local copy shop to use for the yantra gazing practice and to purify any space.

This truly sacred and special offering is made available on a sliding scale. If you’re interested in discovering its wonderfully liberating effects, please choose whatever amount you can afford. Your contribution directly supports my ability to reach and assist more people seeking enlightenment.

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Canadian Visionary Artist
John N. Inglis

John N. Inglis"This Yantra seems to echo the Yantras of yore, with the T-shaped portals centered on the mystic point, the bindu. The diagonals of the X imply four equilateral triangles within the boundaries of the square. These triangles suggest a basis for further elaboration that may evoke a connection with the Sri Yantra. Altogether, this symbol announces to the world, once again, the mystical path beyond the dualities. The points of the diagonals gather the energies from the four corners of the square and focus them on the small, still point in the center – the power point of the cosmos in which our psyche is embedded and the source wherein The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness may be found. That is to say, the nothing that is everything.

I am inclined to enter here into the implications, as I see them, of this Yantra emerging at this point in the contemporary world of cultural transition, which is in a precarious state of balance going forward. The emergence of a symbol such as this and its implications can only contribute toward a new equilibrium, a new synthesis that is consistent with an influx of renewing energies. There seems to be growing evidence in the world today of these energies of renewal. Your Yantra supports this nascent ascent to higher realizations. I feel encouraged by its appearance."