About Me

When I was 22, I went through a complete transformation that culminated in a permanent realization of my true nature. Since then, my life has been devoted to understanding the spiritual path from an evolutionary perspective, and helping others reconnect with their true nature in order to help bring about a global awakening in human consciousness. The main way I do this is through the direct transmission of the enlightened state of being, which is an ability I was gifted with after my awakening. This being-to-being transmission is a silent teaching.

When I do speak, what I teach does not come from any theory, belief system, or body of knowledge gathered from other sources. Different teachers and teachings have helped me to integrate my experiences and understand them better, but what I share primarily comes from my own inner and outer journey in life.

Ultimately, all the information I impart is meant to connect people with the nondual realization that all the forms and forces in creation come from an eternal formless dimension, and that each of us, as an incarnated soul or individual consciousness, is a living embodiment of that formless substance in human form. And, more broadly, that it is humanity’s divine destiny and evolutionary purpose to spiritually awaken and live from this nondual level of enlightenment in an ongoing way.

In the past, I’ve worked in the field of conflict resolution and restorative justice as a mediator, facilitator, trainer, and project leader for youth social action groups. I’ve also taught every grade at both the elementary and secondary school levels, including classes for students with special needs and learning disabilities. Currently, my wife and I run Millwood Melt, a much loved grilled cheese restaurant in Leaside, Toronto.

My Journey

My spiritual journey began in early infancy. Every night while falling asleep, a recurring metamorphosis of consciousness opened me up to luminous and nirvanic states of being. This continued throughout my childhood. A sequence of other mystical states of awareness and out-of-body experiences also occurred from a young age that helped maintain an almost uninterrupted connection to the formless dimension. This constant recognition of the unifying source and substance of everyone and everything in existence was accompanied by the knowledge that the purpose of my life was to maintain and ultimately share this realization of oneness with others.

Upon entering adolescence, I deliberately chose to relinquish my access to this unifying level of awareness, knowing in advance that I would eventually rediscover and fully embody it once again in adulthood. After the decision was made at the start of adolescence to forget about the oneness of everything, a series of significant experiences then followed that inspired my search to rediscover it once again.

This search eventually culminated in a direct encounter with the very source of existence, which completely transformed my life in early adulthood, marking a permanent shift in my consciousness and identity beyond ego. In the midst of this transcendent experience, I received a calling to tell others about the ultimate nature of reality, which reminded me that my purpose in life is to help seekers awaken and fully realize their true nature.

This spiritual transformation occurred in 1996, but I didn’t discuss it with anyone until many years later, mainly because there was no language or context to describe it until then. The intervening years were dedicated to fully integrating my true nature and getting ready to guide others on the path. The first few years were spent stabilizing a transcendental level of self-realization, during which my consciousness hovered above my body. This was followed by several more years to complete a grounding phase, which involved getting re-embodied while staying connected to my higher self.

Meanwhile, this entire period was defined by the dual challenge of comprehending what had occurred and finding a way to communicate it clearly. In addition, a series of other unusual phenomena, supernatural incidents, and significant processes and realizations continued occurring, all of which had to be integrated and then understood conceptually so that these developments could be communicated, as well.

In 2006, shortly after I began offering teachings on the process of spiritual awakening and the evolutionary destiny of humanity, I underwent another transformation that led to the ability to channel divine energies down into the world, making them more accessible to others. During the process of developing this ability, I realized that it represented the highest function I could perform in life to help others awaken their true nature, as well as contribute to the collective awakening of humanity. Through this work, my goal is to keep liberating people and pushing the spiritual evolution of the planet forward.

If you’d like to learn more about my spiritual journey and awakening, you can read the full account in my autobiography, The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness.


"Stephen D’Amico is one of a refreshing new breed of spiritual teachers and guides whose personal breakthrough represents an extraordinary state of permanent nondual awareness that his ordinary humanity shows is an increasingly accessible stage of human evolution for all of us. When it comes to moving past the psychological and emotional obstacles on our path, his work represents another evolutionary breakthrough. Rather than allow us to stay organized around the wound in the name of healing on the one hand, or foster a spiritual bypass operation that disregards our human development on the other, the laserlike clarity of his consciousness penetrates the egoic mist, no matter how thick, and then lets it naturally dissolve and lift in the clear light of awareness. No matter where you are on your journey of awakening, I recommend Stephen as a professional guide for the kind of grounded soul work that has become so urgent in our increasingly polarized world."
-Cedric Speyer, E-Counselling Clinical Supervisor

"Stephen emanates peace, consciousness and presence!"
-Katia Millar, Founder of Positive Fabulous Women

"Stephen is a man who has done an incredible amount of personal and spiritual work. Because of this, he operates at a very high level of vibration. Things often become clearer just by being in his presence."
-Bonnie Pedota, Author & Spiritual Psychotherapist

"Stephen’s presence alone was enough to trigger my own discovery of True Nature, and I would recommend his acquaintance to anyone serious about self-realization and its human actualization."
-Neil Jalaldeen, Guide at Liberation Unleashed

"I’ve met many spiritual leaders and I have no doubt that you are not working from within the confines of the ego. Your gentle nature and open-heartedness are both apparent. I believe any work that you do is for the betterment of humanity."
-Dee Dussault, Founder of Follow Your Bliss

"I have noticed much clarity occurs in any encounter where Stephen is present. He is unshakable in his conviction about what happened during his awakening and it seems to inform his every moment. He appears to have little or no neurosis, and is ever ready, calm, and open as far as I can tell. It is without words that Stephen does much of his work. And his work is to wake us up, to humbly reveal what he has found. Like all the great teachers, he simply wants to bring relief and is excited to let us know about something beautiful and real that is available here and now."
-Gary Justice, Music Producer & Meditation Teacher

"I first met Stephen in 2007 at one of his teaching events. His warmth, compassion and wisdom were immediately palpable. I feel fortunate to know him and bear witness to his enlightened presence - a friend of the path, a real awakener, with an understanding that goes straight to our essence. In my 25 years of investigations and studies on human evolution and sacred esoteric paths, I’ve met more than ten enlightened teachers and find Stephen’s message to be both universal and unique. We are blessed to have Stephen’s compassionate wisdom accessible."
-Sara MacHin, Yoga Instructor

"I am a scientist and have been on the spiritual path for over 30 years. I feel fortunate to have met Stephen. I have attended his talks and done personal intensives with him and find myself nodding and smiling as what he says strikes a chord deep inside of me. The words he uses capture the essential truths of life, and his teachings articulate the nature of the spiritual path with depth and clarity. As I tell my friends, people travel to the Himalayas to find a Master; here we have One in Toronto!"
-Dilip Kumar, Managing Director of MD Group

"Your journey has intersected with practically every spiritual technology and category there is. Not many people can claim to have stared into the primordial realm of pure consciousness before the Big Bang. You have seen deeply into the way things are and your ability to figure all this stuff out on your own is remarkable."
-Jeff Warren, CEC President & Author of The Head Trip

"Stephen is an inspiration to all those on the spiritual path. There is a comfort that one has when they have found the source of eternal wisdom. Stephen comes from this place and describes its ineffable nature with eloquence and discernment. Blessings for your work and to those that benefit from it."
-Carson Foster, Founder of Viewniverse.com