I began writing about enlightenment after experiencing a permanent awakening in my early 20s. In my books, I share everything I’ve discovered on my spiritual journey, including all the teachings, tips, tools and techniques I’ve found along the way, some of which have never been revealed before.

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The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness

A Personal Account of Spiritual Enlightenment

Part memoir and part how-to manual, this gripping autobiography takes you on an amazing journey of exploration and discovery, while sharing some of the most important spiritual teachings and practices along the way, including a powerful method to channel enlightening energies into the world.

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Heaven On Earth

A Guide to Enlightenment & Human Unity

This inspiring guidebook features a sweeping tour of the various paths to enlightenment found in all the world’s major religions, illuminates the collective awakening currently underway, and explains how to assist this global shift by reconnecting with the unifying ground of your own being.

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The Lost Book Of Mystical Insights

Pointers & Reminders

Coming soon…There is no preview or synopsis for this book yet, however, extracts are being released online. Check out my IG Page to see samples as they are posted. And please feel free to Like and Share them to help spread the word!