Learn Liberating Secrets

I wrote these books for spiritual seekers and finders alike. They're full of liberating secrets, some of which have never been revealed before, so you won’t find them anywhere else. I’ve refined these methods for over two decades working with people from all walks of life. The result is a set of powerful practices that can dramatically boost your spiritual growth.

Activate Your Awakening

My books can quicken your awakening in another way. Readers regularly report heightened states of awareness while reading them. This activation continues as long as you follow my advice—or any other approach that leads to liberation. Once you understand what’s necessary and work at it, your spiritual essence will keep emerging until you’re living from your true nature, always.

Become Egoless Awareness

If you're eager to make a significant leap forward on your path, check out my books. They will open you up spiritually and give you some of the most advanced tools and techniques I know of to propel your awareness beyond ego, ultimately, to support the collective awakening of humanity and the shift towards a positive, more enlightened future.

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The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness

A Personal Account of Spiritual Enlightenment

Part exposé and part how-to manual, this absorbing autobiography takes you on an amazing journey of exploration and discovery, sharing several spiritual practices along the way, including a powerful method to channel enlightening energies into the world. 192 pages

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Heaven On Earth

A Guide to Enlightenment & Human Unity

This inspiring guidebook starts with a sweeping tour of the various paths to enlightenment found in all the world's major religions, illuminates the collective awakening currently underway, and explains how you can assist this global shift by reconnecting with the unifying ground of your own being. 112 pages

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