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My name is Stephen D’Amico. I'm a contemporary spiritual teacher and the author of two books about enlightenment available here. When I was 22, I went through a complete transformation that culminated in a permanent realization of my true nature. Since then my life has been devoted to guiding others on the path in order to accelerate the spiritual evolution of humanity. Anytime a person awakens anywhere on the planet, the energetic vibration of human consciousness as a whole is raised and the likelihood of a collective awakening is heightened. To learn more about my journey click here.

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Enter The Stream

“Stream entry” is a Buddhist term for the initial stage of awakening, after you’ve “entered the stream of liberation” but haven’t yet anchored your true nature so it’s stable. That’s what all my posts and video broadcasts are for. They contain teachings, pointers and reminders to help you fully awaken your true nature. Check out my Facebook Page or YouTube Channel and start streaming your way to greater spiritual freedom.

Free Meditation Manual

Learn the fundamentals that every seasoned meditator develops and continues using over a lifetime of practice. Includes five lessons presented in a simple-to-follow, step-by-step program. It probably takes about a week or so to master each skill, and if you do all the lessons, you'll be meditating like a pro before you know it. Click here to download it now.